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Sorry, I said I'd do this yesterday, but I was really busy with homework, any way only one person made a request so please don't complain... Actually complain all you like, nothing will change! Just kidding If you don't like your rank and you ask to have it changed within three days Ill TRY to change it.

1 person per rank (cuz we just happen to have 7 members and seven ranks)

Satan: PhoenixGirl000 (That's me!!!)
Dread: MusicAddict26
Nightmare: Winningly
Ghoul: DreamingShark (requested)
Fright: FairyRora
Scream: Zinningly
Demon: CinninglyG

Assignment #1
Title: The Demon League

Date Issued: November 3, 2012
Date Due: December 1, 2012

Do you believe in monsters?

Have you ever heard of The Demon League?

If the answer to this question is, No then you are in great danger,
though the information I am about to tell you may put you in greater still


Every member of the demon league was once a human, very much like yourself
...or at least I assume so
but they were all victims of the cruelty of the human species
and were driven to a point past insanity,
to the were they changed,

physically and physiologically

they became...


monsters, of the worst kind,
monsters whose only goal is to destroy humanity for ever,
that is the goal of the demon League

No one knows when or how the Demon League began, but we do know it is lead by a creature called Satan

No, no, no
not THE Satan, ruler of hell
they only call him (or it could even be a her) Satan because they know nothing about him, except he's absolutely,positively, horrible!
Now one ever sees Satan except The dread, the league's highest position besides Satan himself, but even he has never seen his face.

Your task:

Introduce a your own member of The demon League,
make sure to describe them IN DEPTH
and explain what happened to them that made them hate humans and become a monster, remember it has to be REALLY bad not just "my best friend flirted with the guy I liked" or "I suffered from an enormous amount of homework"
and if you want draw them :0)

Also before you start that everyone will be assigned a rank in the Demon League
if you want a specific rank please ask and i will try my best to fulfill all requests

Here are the ranks
(= number of members in that rank)

Satan (1) Highest
Dread (1)
Nightmares (2)
Ghouls (3)
Frights (5)
Screams (10)
Demons  (all the others, normal league members) Lowest

Ranks Will be assigned November 10 2012
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MusicAddict26 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
First off, I'm so terribly sorry for taking so long on submitting my story for the assignment. I feel really bad about it. Secondly, on the note of our assignments, could I maybe submit mine it parts? Otherwise it's gonna end up really long. Again, really, really sorry.
PhoenixGirl000 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wait... just thought i accepted CinninglyG's join request? hmm "curious, very, curious"

Harry potter and The Sorcerers Stone, Ollivander
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Curios indeed!
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What's this group about? :aww:
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Art, literature, whatever :D
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